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The Men's Locker Room  was founded by Bobby Baker, a former licensed Investment professional, after several years of researching the industry.  He is also a licensed barber from the famed Ea La Mars Barber College in Kansas City, Missouri..  He has a true passion for  barbering and has been involved in the industry for over 20 years.  He decided to leave his successful investment profession to focus on creating a world class barber shop after witnessing the industry continual neglect of men, many of ethnic background.  TMLR is unique because it provides services for men of all races and ethnic backgrounds.

TMLR has an unusual business philosophy that places all the focus on the barbers, customers and  community.  Unlike chains and barber shops that claim to value them but never show it, TMLR believes the appreciation should be reflected through the overall salary/benefits package offered to the barber, complimentary services provided to the customers and sponsorships or donations given back to the community.

TMLR is unlike any other barber shop or chain because it has created an environment where everyone feels like a member of the family, who is respected and valued.  Unlike many shops or chains that accepts any barber  who is willing to pay booth rental, TMLR does not offer booth rental.  Instead, it carefully selects only highly skilled barbers who are serious about their futures and offers excellent salaries and benefits.  TMLR is dedicated to providing the barber with all the tools, equipment and training necessary to be successful and retire from the industry.  TMLR feels no other barber shops or chains are willing to value and share as much with the barbers, customers and community.